Live the island life on Fyn

Foto:Rico Feldfoss&Peter Kirkegaard - Heartland Festival

Have you ever heard of a pretty little place called Fyn in Denmark?

We Danes are not the only ones that love to escape it all on this pretty, green island. National Geographic thinks Fyn's Kerteminde is one of Europe's best secret villages. And there are more peaceful places to discover for yourself when you get here. (When are you getting here?) FYI, it's pronounced 'Foon'.

Fyn is a good place to go slow for a bit

Are you looking to slow the ole’ hectic life down for a while? Disconnect from the hustle and bustle etc… Then we heartily recommend you take a few days out on Fyn and nearby islands, like Ærø.

Nowhere else on Earth has more castles

OK, we totally made that up. But now you're reading... there are 123 castles and manor houses on this pint-sized island. You can't avoid seeing one when you're on Fyn!

Fyn has its own archipelago!

You might not know this about us, but Denmark is an island destination. We’ve got over 400 of them. Many of our most popular ones to visit are nestled around the pretty coast of Fyn. And cycling through the South Fyn Archipelago is the ultimate way to disconnect.