Taste authentic island life on Bornholm

Foto:© Bruno Ehrs&Semko Balcerski/Destination Bornholm

Why you really should get to Bornholm immediately

We don't mean to sound so urgent. But Bornholm is just so hot right now! Everyone's talking about this cute little Baltic island of culinary wonders and laid-back island living. You wouldn't want to miss out on that would you?

Who told you Denmark was flat?!

Bornholm’s not the kind of place to just sit back and watch the boats go by. Well… unless that’s what you fancy of course and then it really is. But for those of you looking for an island adventure, for ways to get Bornholm under your skin and the fresh smell of nature in your face, you need to get out into Bornholm’s spectacular scenery.

Meet the locals making Bornholm a handicraft mecca

In 2017 Bornholm became the first place in Europe to be designated a World Craft Region. At an old merchant’s house turned local gallery in Hasle, you can get up close to the textiles, pottery, art and glassware shaping the island’s vibrant creative culture and head on to meet the makers themselves.

Bits of Bornholm you'll want pictures from

Get a feel for the flow of local life on Bornholm through the lenses of people who've been there on our Instagram page!

Is this the world's only Michelin-starred beach shack?

It might well be! This shack turned atmospheric restaurant nestled in the dunes of Bornholm's Dueodde Beach is an island highlight and a place to head if you think you deserve a treat.

Kadeau Bornholm is a Michelin starred restaurant on the island of Bornholm

Treat yourself at Bornholm's Kadeau

Foto: Marie Louise Munksgaard - Kadeau Bornholm