Venture into Zealand and the Danish Riviera

Foto:Girl In Vanderland&Alex Nyborg Madsen, Visit Nordsjælland

Zealand, Denmark - can you have too many famous sights on one island?

No. You can’t. There’s nothing better than a destination of many wonders! But there really are so many famous and fabulous things worth seeing on the island of Zealand, Denmark, that we can hardly fit them on this page. We’ll try our best to squeeze them all in!

Woodland wonders

If you go down to the woods today (or whenever you get here) you’ll find some pretty incredible things hidden in the trees in the forests of Zealand…

The Viking city of Roskilde

Roskilde is literally packed with history. It's oozing out. The Viking Ship Museum on Roskilde Fjord is a wonder of living history, where you can even sail in a long ship! The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the last resting place of Danish royalty. And it’s only 30 mins from Copenhagen.

Hitta din inre viking på Vikingaskeppsmuseet i Roskilde

Explore our Viking heartland

Foto: Martin Heiberg - Copenhagen Media Center

These are three of Denmark’s biggest hitters!

We may be all about the wonder in the small things in life, but we do all the big dramatic stuff in Denmark too, especially in Zealand. These three very different sights are big attractions in very different ways.