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Islands Brygge

The official guide to Denmark's harbour baths

Foto: Lauge Elkær Furhauge

What's a harbour bath, you say? It's a free and free-floating public swimming pool, typically located in a harbour or on a fjord, staffed by lifeguards in the season (June to September). They are a great place to hang out on a sunny day - bring a picnic and stay all day, why don't you?

Kastrup Sea Bath
Foto: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Kastrup sea bath

This beautiful structure, known as 'the snail' (but you could also call it 'the pastry'), is set at the far end of Amager Strand Park, 20 minutes from Copenhagen, and is a magical place to swim. Swim in the Øresund and enjoy a fantastic view of Saltholm and Sweden, before drying off and sunbathing in this sheltered spot.

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Islands Brygge
Foto: Lauge Elkær Furhauge

Islands Brygge Harbour Bath, Copenhagen

Islands Brygge Harbour Bath is an open-air swimming pool in the city centre that attracts families with children, sport swimmers and sunbathers from all over Copenhagen. Here, you can swim and watch the bustling life on the harbour, and dive in from the tower if you dare.

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Fisketorvet Harbour Bath, Copenhagen

The harbour bath at the Fisketorvet Shopping Centre is very popular in summer and is a great place for a dip before or after a shopping trip. It is easy to get to and has three different pools: a children's pool, a diving pool and a fitness pool.

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Sluseholmen Harbour Bath
Foto: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

The Coral Bath, Copenhagen

Tucked away in Sluseholmen, at the end of the harbour bus line, this harbour bath has a shape inspired by corals and coral reefs. Take your pick from two kids pools, a dive area and a deeper and larger swimming zone.

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People enjoying the sun beside the harbour bath in Odense, Denmark
Foto: Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz

Odense Harbour Bath

The Odense Harbour Swimming pool is built into the harbour closest to the city. Along with a pool, it also has changing rooms, showers, toilets and a sauna.

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A man dives into Aarhus Harbour Bath, an open air saltwater swimming pool in Denmark, on a sunny day
Foto: Photopop - VisitAarhus

The Harbour Bath, Aarhus

The world's largest harbour baths are right here in Aarhus! Like a lot of Denmark's harbour baths, this one was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. It includes a rectangular 50-metre-long swimming pool, a circular diving pool, square children’s pools and two saunas. Take a walk on the elevated plank walkway, which doubles as a viewing platform overlooking the pools and water beyond.

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A family enjoys the Hou Harbour Bath in Denmark
Foto: VisitAalborg

Hou Harbour Bath

With a view all the way to Sweden, this nearly natural swimming place is a perfect chance for a swim in the sea. The bath was specifically created with the wheelchair-bound in mind, meaning that there are amenities for a physically disabled person to have a safe yet freeing swim.

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A sunny day with blue skies at Aalborg Harbour Baths, Denmark
Foto: VisitAalborg

Aalborg Harbour Bath

Aalborg Harbour Bath is located by the waterfront near the lovely Jomfru Ane Park and allows you to cool off in the summer heat. It has a pontoon bridge with four pools, two for kids, one for diving and another for exercise. 


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People enjoying the water at Faaborg Harbour Baths in Denmark
Foto: Faaborg Turistbureau

Faaborg Harbour Bath

This swimming area consists of two bathing jetties offering the possibility of taking a dive in the harbour just a few 100 metres from the city centre of Faaborg. There are also kids basins with shallow water, an outdoor shower, toilets and a sauna.

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A lifesaver stand on the deck at Nibe Fjord Bath, an open air swimming pool near Aalborg, Denmark
Foto: VisitAalborg

Nibe Fjordbath

If you are looking for a place where you can jump into the Limfjord while being surrounded by beautiful areas, then try Nibe Fjordbad. In this lovely spot, you can relax in the water while enjoying the view of Nibe Marina on one side, and the nature around the Limfjord on the other.

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Two women jumping into the open air swimming pool at Vestre Fjordpark in Aalborg, Denmark
Foto: VisitAalborg

Vestre Fjordpark, Aalborg

This large open air swimming pool and sports area is one of Aalborg's favorite places, especially in the summer. The large park provides six different activity areas, so you can go swimming, canoeing and kayaking, windsurfing, try your hand at SUP, play volleyball, grill or just enjoy the sun and nature by the fjord.


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