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Wineyard Vesterhave

Come and experience how ecological quality wines can be made in Denmark with a cosy vineyard visit.

Visit a local organic wineyard in Karrebæksminde.

Vesterhave Vingaard is Denmark's largest organic vineyard and a unique place to experience wine production in Denmark. Explore how quality wines are produced in Denmark and visit the charming farm shop where you can purchase the vineyard's unique wines. Since 2015, the vineyard has been approved as a commercial winery and has quickly earned the highest awards in Denmark and internationally, including titles such as "Denmark's best wine farmer" and "Denmark's best vineyard."

Furthermore, the vineyard has also won the largest prize ever awarded to a Danish wine internationally. Vesterhave Vineyard received an impressive 95 points for their red wine at an international competition in Germany.


Guided Tour and Wine Tasting

At Vesterhave Vineyard, you can experience a vineyard tour with wine tasting. Here, you will take a tour of the estate's vine and apple orchard, featuring a total of 25,000 grapevines. The winemaker will guide you through the vineyard, sharing the story of its history, unique planting systems inspired by Italy, and providing a unique insight into how it is possible to cultivate wine in Denmark, winning international awards.

Additionally, you will learn more about the vineyard's activities throughout the year, followed by a glimpse into the cozy wine cellar where the oak barrels reside, enhancing the wines into a truly exceptional tasting experience.

The visit concludes in the winery and farm shop, where you will learn more about the wine-making process after the harvest. Discover how the vineyard's fantastic Rosé wines and, notably, Amarone red wines, as well as other wine types, are crafted. Following this, enjoy a wine tasting of the estate's exciting wines.

If you can gather 10 people or more, it is possible to arrange your exclusive visit on your chosen date, accompanied by a lavish tapas selection perfectly paired with the vineyard's wines. It is always possible to visit the farm shop. Opening hours can be found at www.vesterhave-vingaard.dk 


Visit the Vineyard on Your Own

It is also possible to visit the vineyard on your own and take a tour of the vineyard. The vineyard has developed an audio-walk that allows you to independently stroll through the vineyards with the winemaker in your ears. Here, you will gain a unique insight into wine production at Vesterhave Vineyard. The audio-walk is available in Danish, English, Dutch, and German.