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Wellness at Hotel Vejlefjord

Pamper your mind, body, and soul at Hotel Vejlefjord. Explore the huge selection of thermal baths, pools, saunas, steam baths and wonderful spa treatments that will surely provide a sensuous wellness experience. Bring your partner or your friends for a memorable day in the name of relaxation.

The Thermal Baths – a source of absolute well-being

Lean back in the Thermal Baths and awaken your senses in pools of different temperatures, showers, saunas, and steam baths. Here, the experience is accompanied by sound, lights, and scents that can send you to the seventh heaven.

Always book in advance to ensure that Hotel Vejlefjord has room for you.

Treatments can be booked at +45 7682 3380 – the personnel are happy to give you advice and guidance so you end up getting the perfect treatment. You can always find inspiration at the website or contact the reception at the mail address found above.


The seven baths

Panorama Bath: With a water temperature of 32° Celsius, this is the perfect place to start. Warm up your muscles until you feel perfectly relaxed and go exploring the little caves along the pool where you can enjoy the terrific view of the park.

Forest Bath: This bath connects The Thermal Baths with the fringe of the beech wood where you can enjoy the view of the fjord and the park under the blue sky. There are seats in the pool from which you can admire the open view of nature and the pretty colours all-year-round in the 32° warm water. The Forest Bath is a guest favourite.  

Aroma Bath: Can water smell good? Absolutely! See for yourself in this little cave where scents are added to the water to increase the well-being.

Champagne Bath: Experience the sensation of being encased by little bubbles in this 33° Bath with champagne-coloured lights.

Sound Bath: Music under water? Of course! Immerse yourself in this sound pool and experience how the compositions of Niels Eje will relax your body and mind.

Fire Bath: This pool is heated to the max. Feel for yourself how the 42° water will get your circulation going and create the sensation of your muscles slowly melting and tensions leaving your body. Stay in the bath for as long as it feels comfortable and notice how the red walls intensify the effect of the heat.
Finish off with a shivering in the Ice Bath. The significant temperature difference will stimulate your bloodstream and result in a relaxing feeling of well-being.

Ice Bath: Dive into the 8° cold water while surrounded by ice-blue walls. If you get in directly after the fire bath, the difference in temperature will kickstart your blood circulation as more oxygen will be transported to the muscles and organs of the body. Three rapid switches between the Fire Bath and the Ice Bath is recommended, but only do what feels comfortable for you.


Sense showers

Summer rain: Leave the umbrella at home, but travel through this eight-metre-long granite hallway and sense how the soft drops of summer rain surrounds and refreshed the body. The big drops fall from an altitude of five metres and are reflected in a rainbow coloured light before gently landing on your body and massaging your bare skin.

Mammoth Shower: Step into these granite caves where your sore muscles are gently caressed by beams of hot water falling from three metres above. Experience different beams from four nozzles with each their own massaging effect.


Saunas and steam baths

Forest Sauna: Try following the little footbridge from The Thermal Baths to a wooden platform. Here, you will find the most amazing sauna in nature surroundings with lots of space. The sauna is built on top of one of Vejlefjords many natural springs, and from here you can enjoy the dry heat.

It is also in the Forest Sauna that you can witness how the sauna masters infuse heat and scents in a terrific encounter with cold shivers that will loosen your muscles and create a feeling of well-being of body and mind.

Aroma Sauna: You will get heated by the dry air in the aroma sauna. The higher you choose to sit on the benches, the warmer it is. Stay as long as it feels comfortable and cool down in cold water afterwards. Repeat the trip between the heat of the sauna and the cold water three times – always finish up with cooling down.


Thalasso Spa

Salt Bath: Saltwater has some amazing qualities. Lean back and sense how the hot saltwater allows you to float effortlessly and treats your body and mind with a well-deserved break.

Salt Sauna: Step into this 70 ° sauna and experience how the salty steam makes you feel good and eases your breathing. The salt also has a positive effect on the skin that will become soft and glowing.

Sun Terrace: Have a rinse in under the outdoor shower on the terrace while enjoying the fresh fjord air and the blue sky. In the summer period you can relax and enjoy the sunbeams from one of the many sunbeds.

Thalasso Spa is connected to The Thermal Baths via a foodbridge to the Sun Terrace. Always remember to wash off the saltwater before switching between the baths.


Can I purchase extra spa treatments?

Yes, you can. In the spa department you will encounter a world of nurturing and therapeutic treatments such as:

  • Scrub and wrap treatments
  • Body treatments. For example, classic full body massages
  • Facial treatments
  • 3 in 1 package made up of treatments that complement each other. In addition, manicures, pedicures, and water therapy is offered.

Follow this link to read more about the baths, spa treatments and spa events.