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AS Visuals

AS Visuals is a small local graphic design company specialising in all things creative - from products to events. The company caters to both Danes and tourists, as well as companies, associations and organisations.

Throughout the year, you can find AS Visuals at many different well-known tourist spots along the North Sea coast between Blåvand and Søndervig, where you can participate in creative activities and buy AS Visuals products.

Otherwise, the company is based in Ringkøbing, where the office is located. When AS Visuals is not in tourist destinations, the company works with graphic and drawing assignments or organises courses.

What can AS Visuals offer?

Drawings, illustrations and colouring books

AS Visuals creates drawings, illustrations and colouring books. Drawings and illustrations are all digital.

AS Visuals can transform 2D images into digital drawings/illustrations. It can be a funny picture of your dog or other images that you want to turn into a drawing. It is also possible to participate in a photo session with your dog at the beach, where high-quality digital images can be taken and printed out. AS Visuals can also be used by companies that want sales illustrations, digital prototypes that show a product in its real surroundings or animated products.

If you have an interest in the culture and history of Ringkøbing-Skjern and want to involve your children in this in a fun and educational way, AS Visuals colouring books could be for you!

The colouring books act as a guide to the Natural Kingdom of Ringkøbing-Skjern, and in the books you will also find a map of where the different cultural and historical sites are located. The colouring books are filled with beautiful drawings of different attractions in Ringkøbing-Skjern, all ready to be coloured in, and each drawing is accompanied by a local story that the whole family can read together. The colouring books are available in Danish, German and English.

The creative events

AS Visuals organises various creative events with different themes. You can find current events on the AS Visuals event calendar.

  • Drawing workshops in connection with a tourist attraction, where AS Visuals offers children and families the opportunity to colour in the drawings.
  • Creative activities where children and families can create their own products from materials she provides. Topics can be popsicle sticks, stones and shells from the beach, recycling, lanterns, Easter, Christmas, face painting, etc.
  • Drawing classes where children can learn to draw different motifs depending on the topic.