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Vintapperstræde by the Latin Quarter

The street association around Vintapperstrædet in Odense calls itself the city's cosiest street, and with good reason. The narrow passage between Vestergade and Slotsgade, with an entrance from Kongensgade, is an oasis of calm, cosiness and charming speciality shops and restaurants.

Vintapperstrædet consists of 25 retail and office spaces, all of which are charming and historically decorated, as well as a wide selection of restaurants.

Vintapperstrædet's street association ensures a good atmosphere and cosy events throughout the year, with Magic Days, H. C. Andersen Festival, Saturday Summer Jazz, Halloween and Flower Festival, among others, being periods where extra effort is put into decorating the small alley.

The approximately 100 metre long street was opened in 1977 and was named after Marinus Lytjens Vinhandel in Slotsgade, to which the alley served as a backyard until then. Especially in the evening hours, Vintapperstrædet lives up to its name as many people choose to make their way past the cosy restaurants, bars and cafés that line the small alley.