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Whether you're looking for small or large dishes, breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can find it at Villette in Nørrebro.

In the heart of Nørrebro is a building that has been both a high school and a fire station. Today, it's home to Villette, which has utilized the space to its full potential. With its high ceilings and calm decor, Villette can easily become a place you don't want to leave.

At Villette, only good food is served - implying that the journey from seed to meal is carefully followed, and much of the food is from Danish farms and is fresh and delicious—the menu, therefore, changes according to the seasons to always guarantee an authentic and fresh experience. Even though you're sitting in a restaurant, it always feels like a home-cooked meal, as the craftsmanship, ingredients, and surroundings contribute to a homely atmosphere.

In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, the restaurant often hosts community kitchens where you can come alone or with 50 friends. There is room for everyone at the long tables and for a budget-friendly meal. Everyone is welcome, whether you're young or old, local or tourist!