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VillaVilla - Luxury holiday homes on Langeland

VillaVilla rents out over 400 luxury holiday homes throughout Denmark, including nine beautiful and large holiday homes with pool on Langeland. VillaVilla's holiday homes on Langeland are located near Lohals and Bagenkop.

VillaVilla is where luxury and comfort meet in exclusive holiday homes.

Since 2003, VillaVilla has been a leading player in the rental of luxury holiday homes in Denmark. VillaVilla offers unforgettable holiday experiences to both Danish holidaymakers and international tourists.

VillaVilla's holiday homes include a wide range of luxurious holiday homes, including several pool houses on the beautiful island of Langeland, especially around the towns of Bagenkop and Lohals. VillaVilla's holiday homes range from spacious pool houses that can accommodate from 10 people to larger homes designed for groups of up to 30 people.

Indoor pools

VillaVilla specialises in offering private holiday homes with indoor pools, ensuring an exclusive and relaxing holiday experience. The holiday homes are located in scenic areas close to shops, eateries and local attractions.

Experience luxury and comfort with a stay in one of VillaVilla's holiday homes, where the focus is on quality, luxury and great experiences for VillaVilla's guests.