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Viborg City Trail

Enjoy the fresh air and discover large parts of Viborg when you follow Viborg City Trail. Walk alone or bring the whole family on this fantastic route.

Information about the route

Start your tour around Viborg from The cathedral square in Viborg. From here, walk 13.7 KM around Viborg and end your route at Domkirkepladsen, where you also start. The difficulty level is easy, so this is a route that everyone can follow. The path is not signposted, but the route can be followed on a smartphone or GPS. The trail is also a certified quality trail.

There is 2 hours parking in the car park in front of the cathedral. The nearest car park with long-term parking is behind Brænderigården, with access from Hans Tausens Alle 2.

Explore Viborg

This route is for those who want to explore Viborg. The tour is a round trip and it is an advantage to follow it anti-clockwise. If you follow it anti-clockwise, you will first pass through old Viborg, then through the shopping street, and from the railway station you will come out on Hærvejen. Follow Hærvejen for a few kilometres, after which you will reach Viborg Plantage. You will come across the Hærvejsstenen and once you have rounded it, you will be guided back to the town.

On your way back, it's a good idea to make time to see Hærvejstæppet, which is located by Søndermark Church. If you have children with you, you may also want to set aside time to explore Sønæs. At the end of the tour, you'll also pass Borgvold, where you can study both the history and the gardens. Afterwards, you will find yourself back at Domkirkepladsen. 

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