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Vejen Art Museum, for children

Vejen Art Museum is full of adventure – trolls, Nordic gods and rattling skeletons! Come and meet them.

Already outside the museum you meet the first troll. In the middle of the fountain the troll is held back by cascades of water spit out of the mouths of four horrible toads and eight dino-crocodile-pig-wolf- like dragons. Let your imagination run wild – here you find inspiration for you and your family to create your own fairy tale about the fight between the good and the evil!

Take a close look at the troll. He does not seem to be very clever, because it looks like he is holding himself back by pulling his on tail! If you dare take a closer look at him, you will see that he is a mixture of fish, bird and human parts. The troll was created back in 1896 by the artist Niels Hansen Jacobsen. He got his compound name, as he was given both his mother’s and his father’s family names. In 1924 he moved into the newly built Vejen Art Museum, where he had his private home as well as his own studio. You can still visit his rooms.

When you enter Vejen Art Museum, you enter into a large and exceptional, octagonal hall with a 12 meter high ceiling filled with Niels Hansen Jacobsen’s large sculptures of among others the Nordic gods Thor and Loki. Here you can meet the Brave Tailor and you can choose between a number of treasure hunts. Explore the collection and see if you can find trolls, skeletons, animals, flowers, Nordic gods, and mythical figures.

Troll folding workshop
On your way through the museum you can let yourself get absorbed in the troll folding workshop. Here you can fold and decorate your own paper troll or your own sculpture and take it with you as a souvenir.  Take a close look at the folded trolls and watch the film – it is a challenging task – ask your adults if they would like to try!

Pattern Table
At Vejen Art Museum you will find a Pattern Table, as well. You can make your own wildest designs and patterns with the various forms and figures in all colours. Let loose your imagination.

Children’s corner
If you need a break, take time to visit the children’s corner in the museum. A cosy corner with lots of exciting and educational toys, finger puppets, toy animals and children’s books. Vejen Art Museum has a popular art school, so sometimes you will even meet art created by children.

Admission to Vejen Art Museum is FREE – EVERYBODY is welcome!