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Vandkulturhuset i DGI Huset Herning (The Water Culture Park in Herning)

A mecca of water activities. 

The Water Culture Park in DGH Huset Herning is much more than just an indoor swimming pool. It provides many opportunities if you like water and activities. The guests love the water trampoline and to challenge each other on the big climbing wall by the diving pool.  

The guests love the water trampoline by the springboard pool and the high climbing wall. Furthermore, they have an abundance of play equipment to use in the big pool, which encourages to play and ball games. The culture house og swimming activities offers:
- Springboard pool with climbing wall and water trampoline.
- Kids pool with a small slide and a toadstool with fountain. 
- Warm water pool for rehabilitation and baby swimming. 
- Big ellipse pool with a 93 meter swimming lane and back draught channel. 
- Hut tub
- Modern wellness department on the 1. floor 

Video - DGI Huset Herning