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Urbania Street Food

Enjoy delicious street food in cozy surroundings!

Delicious street food in urban surroundings at Urbania Street Food

At Urbania Street Food, you'll find street food at eye level. Visit the urban food mecca and enjoy food from one or more of the different kitchens located in food stalls. Settle down inside or enjoy your meal in the cozy backyard.

Top-class street food at a fair price

Urbania Street Food is an urban gathering point for gastronomy and good experiences. It's a haven where the setting invites you to meet friends, spend quality time with family, or have a quick and delicious meal at a fair price. You can also enjoy a good cocktail or specialty beer to wash it down.

See all of Urbania's food stalls here!

Enjoy street food as take away

At Urbania Street Food, you can also choose to order your food as takeout. Order directly at the stalls or via Urbania Street Food's website - you can order from several different stalls at once.

Order take away from Urbania Street Food here!

Centrally located in Fredericia

Urbania Street Food is within walking distance of both Fredericia's new district, The Canal District, The Old Habor, and Fredericia's charming pedestrian streets. Here, you'll find a wealth of lifestyle and clothing stores with great shopping opportunities.

You can also visit the beautiful Fredericia Ramparts that surround the fortress town, or experience one of the many other attractions that Fredericia has to offer.

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Inspired by the maritime and the urban

Urbania Street Food has a sailor as its logo, and both the name and logo are inspired by the area where Urbania Street Food is located. Situated just a stone's throw from Little Belt, Urbania is close to the maritime environment in Gammel Havn.

The name "Urbania" refers to the location between the original city center and the new urban district Kanalbyen, emerging on the old harbor area.

Events at Urbania Street Food

At Urbania, you'll find many exciting events such as lectures, theme days, and concerts, as well as regular activities every week.

On Mondays in odd weeks, Urbania Street Food, for example, offers Monday bingo, and on Wednesdays in even weeks, you can quiz with your friends. Every Friday and Saturday, there's extra cozy atmosphere with guitar entertainment with one of the eatery's house guitarists.

You can find an overview of regular features and major events at Urbania Street Food here!

Part of the Urbania family

Urbania Street Food was the first food place to open under the Urbania name. Today, Urbania is a small family that includes both Urbania Street Food, Urbania Beach Bar located on Østerstrand, and the new Kaptajn Gammel Havn (Captain Old Habor), which has opened in the Canal District.

The places offer different menus and selections, but share high quality, good ingredients, and a pleasant atmosphere.

Are you going to the Tartelet Festival in Fredericia?

Every year, Urbania Street Food hosts its successful Tartelet Festival, where you can enjoy delicious tartlets and good entertainment.

Read more about the Tartelet Festival and buy tickets here!


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