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Trail of Ertebølle - 49 km from Hvalpsund to Aggersund

Enjoy the fantastic coastal landscape up close.

If you have brought your bikes for your vacation in Himmerland, you must not miss out on the breathtaking ride along the Limfjord coast to the west. The route stretches from Hvalpsund in the south to Aggersund in the north, covering a total of 49 kilometers. The route includes gravel roads, paths, asphalt roads with light traffic, and occasional short stretches on country roads. There is plenty to see along the way, so be sure to allocate enough time for breaks and sightseeing - or a refreshing dip in the waves of the Limfjord.

The Ertebølle Route takes you through a fascinating and varied landscape, featuring cliffs, forest areas, the unique natural area on the Louns Peninsula near Hvalpsund, small and large towns, attractions such as Vitskøl Monastery, the Ertebølle Stone Age Center, Frederik VII's Canal, and the Limfjord Museum in Løgstør - not to mention the vast sky, fresh air, and beautiful views over the Limfjord.

If you feel like spending a couple of days on your bike tour through this beautiful area, there are several accommodation options along the way - from basic campsites in Myrhøj Plantage and Skovbakkerne on the Louns Peninsula to the lovely Ertebølle Strand Camping and the Landal GreenParks holiday center in Rønbjerg.

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