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The tip of the island Endelave

In the northernmost part of Endelave, far from the experiences of Endelave Village, lies the nature area called Øvre, which is worth a visit for anyone exploring the island. This 170-hectare protected area boasts a unique landscape with beach meadows and heathland, and at the island's northern tip, there is a beautiful, tranquil bathing beach.

Great nature experiences are worth the journey

The northern branch of the boomerang-shaped island in the Kattegat, Endelave, is a bit away from the island's ferry terminal, eateries, and shops. Nevertheless, it's a quite scenic trip, whether you drive, follow the popular hiking route, the Kanino, or rent a bike and pedal your way there.

The area called Øvre is a protected and almost uninhabited natural area that stands out from the rest of the nature in East Jutland. The landscape is quite flat and open, featuring meadows and heath, but also pine groves and small lakes.

In Øvre, there are excellent opportunities to encounter the wild rabbits that Endelave is so famous for. The area is home to a distinctive wildlife and plant life. For example, you can spot the carnivorous plant sundew and numerous bird species from the wildlife reserve Flasken, located in the waters just west of Øvre.


Endelave's Own version of “Grenen”

Many have experienced visiting Denmark's northernmost point and standing with one foot on each side for the obligatory photo where the waters meet. A similar experience awaits you at Endelave's northernmost point, Øverste Ende. Granted, it's not two different seas. Still, you'll sense standing in the middle of the Kattegat with a view of the sea as far as the eye can see.

There's a beautiful beach where it's generally peaceful with only a few people around. There are no facilities near the beach—just you and the magnificent nature.


How to Get to Øvre and Øverste Ende

Getting to Øvre is relatively easy. From the harbour, you can head east along the coast on Endelave Strandvej. At some point, the road changes its name to Øvre and moves north. Just before reaching Øverste Ende, the road changes direction, moving towards the east coast and then south. It's possible to park along the side of the road where the road turns. From there, a small nature trail leads the final stretch to the path and the reef.

You can follow the blue rabbit signs for the Kanino and the green signs for the Mini Kanino, both of which lead through Øvre and close to Øverste Ende. The blue route takes you all the way around Endelave on a 21-kilometer hiking trail. The green route (the Mini Kanino) is accessible for both hikers and cyclists and is 12 kilometers long.


More Inspiration for your stay on Endelave

Endelave is a delightful holiday island worth visiting for both day trips and longer stays. On this page, you can find inspiration for activities, dining, accommodation, and more on Endelave.