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Tickets 2024

Oplev fede forestillinger i Cirkus Baldoni, når de igen i år kommer til Ringsted Børnefestival

It is free to participate in the Ringsted Children's Festival. However, it costs money to enter and see Cirkus Baldoni's performances.

True to tradition, Cirkus Baldoni comes and performs at the Ringsted Children's Festival on June 8!

This year you will experience the performance "Nostalgia and New Adventures" with a string of talented artists and a celebratory funny clown that excites both children and adults. The Sprechstallmeisters with the clown Leonardo are of course again.

Cirkus Baldoni holds 4 performances of approximately 45 minutes duration and the tickets cost DKK 60 excl. fee. Tickets for performances at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 or 15.30 can be purchased here: https://ringstedkongrescenter.dk/events/cirkus-baldoni/