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Thyholm Egnsmuseum - Thyholm

At the museum, there are several departments with exhibitions on different themes. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there are regularly changing exhibitions on various themes.

Inside the main building, one can see how a well-off family lived in the last century. Additionally, there is a pharmacy, the old executive office of Hvidbjerg Bank, and the telephone exchange from Uglev. In the attic, visitors can experience the maternity ward of Hvidbjerg Hospital, which operated until around 1972.

In the farm building, there are exhibitions about crafts, such as lead roofing, shoemaking workshop, carpentry tools, ladies' hairdressing salon, etc. There is a diverse radio/TV exhibition showcasing the development in the field. Several models are already historical.

Adjacent to this, there is an exciting exhibition from Greenland with artifacts and paintings.

In 1997, a faithful replica of the old Søndbjerg school was inaugurated, housing a classroom.

Wilsehaven - inaugurated in 2013 - is a miniature version of J.N. Wilse's baroque garden at the rectory in Spydeberg, Norway. (J.N. Wilse (1736 - 1801) was the son of a pastor from Søndbjerg who went to Norway, where he served as a pastor, professor, and enlightenment figure).

It can be documented that the "Apothekergården" itself has historical value, as the main building can be traced back to at least 1664.

The "Apothekergården" was turned into a museum on the initiative of the painter Kresten Rusbjerg, who owned the place until 1990. He lived from the inauguration in 1992 until his death in 2010 in an annex built in connection with the museum.

Further information: www.thyholm-egnsmuseum.dk