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Thorvald Odgaard

The Fjord Lady is the most famous sculpture in Nibe and a symbol of the town. If you drive along the Limfjord to Nibe, or if you arrive in Nibe by boat, you are met by the beautiful, tall Fjord Lady.

Thorvald Odgaard, who is the artist behind the sculpture, is one of the most famous artists in Nibe. His works often portray angels in different sizes and shapes. His sculptures are found at many locations around the town, for instance the ‘Angel’ at Nibe Church and the ‘Dragon Fountain’ at Nibe School. You can also experience his art at Aalborg Zoo where he has decorated the entrance, or at Marselisborg Castle in Aarhus. In 1997, Odgaard had his debut as a jewellery designer, and his creations are sold locally in Nibe.