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The Thor Forest

Formerly there were 4 water mills in the Thor Forest. One of the mills, Thor's Mill, can still be seen, however, with a new mill house. Today this mill is a restaurant.

Varna Mill was situated all the way down by the sea, and the pond and stone-built fall belonging to this mill can still be seen by the road. In the southern part of Thor Forest, the building Silistria Mill was situated. This is now being used by the information club PAN.

The Varna Restaurant

In 1909 the impressive Varna Restaurant was built at the former Varna Mill. In 1971 it was sold by the municipality to the Odd-Fellow-order, who is running a restaurant and has club rooms there too. In the Thor Forest a fenced deer garden has been established where various kinds of deer and a wild boar in a special pen can be seen.

Traces from the Iron Age 

Here and in the western area a number of grave mounds plus sharp traces of ancient terraced fields show that the place has been settled during the Iron Age.

Be sure to visit the local beaches

Along the shoreline from the fall of the Varna Stream passing Ballehage and Silistria there are some very popular beaches. At Silistria and further down south the beach is used as berth for small boats.

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