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Take a trip with Lilly to Flensburg

Take the trip with the Lilly (Liinsand) between Sønderborg and Flensburg in just 90 minutes.

The hybrid catamaran Liinsand, known colloquially as Lilly, has seating for 50 people and can carry 20 bicycles on board.

Lilly will start sailing from Monday 18 March with several daily departures between its home port of Flensburg in Germany and Sønderborg on the island of Als.

Monday to Saturday
Departure from Flensburg: 10.00 & 16.40
Arrival in Sønderborg: 11.30 & 18.05
Departure from Sønderborg: 11.50 & 18.30*
Arrival in Flensburg: 13.30 & 19.55

*No return sailing to Sønderborg.

The voyage takes approx. 90 minutes. Passports must be presented and if you are not an EU citizen - a valid Schengen Visa, upon boarding. This is also valid for children. 

Your dog comes free of charge. Remember the Dog Passport with documentation for a valid rabies vaccine for re-entry into Denmark.