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Svendborg Museum - Oldsagssamlingen ved Broholm Slot

Broholm is one of the country's oldest manors, idyllically located in Southern Funen. In the park behind the estate lies a small cultural-historical gem that is certainly worth a visit.

A small distinctive building where the fantastic collection of antiquities belonging to estate owner and chamberlain Niels Frederik Bernhard Sehested (1813-1882) is exhibited. The collection includes 60,000 pieces of flint gathered on the estate's fields over a few years: flint axes, arrows, and other flint tools.

With the desire to exhibit the many findings, the chamberlain decided to construct a museum building in the estate's park. This interesting building was completed in the spring of 1878, making it the first building in Denmark built specifically to function as a museum.

As a visitor, you can experience the authentic exhibition of N. F. B. Sehested's antiquity collection, as the pieces are displayed exactly as he intended in his time.

The antiquity collection is open every day from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. However, the antiquity collection is closed when Broholm Castle is closed.