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SuperBrugsen Oksbøl - Supermarket

For more than 125 years, SuperBrugsen in Oksbøl has ensured that customers from all over the country get fresh produce, high quality and good service when they enter the store.

SuperBrugsen in Oksbøl is an independent co-operative owned by local members. SuperBrugsen is more than just a grocery store. When you shop here, the profits stay in Oksbøl, where they are given back to the local community.

Fruit and veg: Our inviting fruit and veg department is packed with fresh produce from all over the world and a large selection of organic and seasonal local produce.

Butchery: Our skilled butchers offer the best cuts, the best steaks and meat that is super tender when cooked. We also have a well-stocked delicatessen department that is definitely worth a visit.

Wine department: With a wide range of wines from all over the world, we can safely say that we have the largest selection of wine in the area.

We also have a large dry goods department and a non-food department, where we continuously optimise the assortment so you can get new products - even if you shop with us several times.