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SUP tour from Lundeborg to Elsehoved

Join us for a lovely trip of 14 km along the southeastern coast of Funen.

The tour starts at the beach near Villa Skovly on the east coast of Funen. To reach the beach, you have to cross a paddock with long-haired Scottish Highland cattle with long horns, but despite their size, they are quite peaceful. From the beach, you first paddle about a kilometer north along Purreskoven. The coastline and forest here are particularly beautiful, with many large beautiful trees right down to the water. Just a few hundred meters from the beach at Villa Skovly, Tange Å flows into the Great Belt, although today, the small river and the flat beach meadows don't show much, almost 2000 years ago the activity level was quite different with a harbor and summer market as the focal point. Many archaeological artifacts have been found, including Roman glass beads, weights, coins, arrowheads, various types of tools, and thousands of ship nails. Excavations show that the area is probably Scandinavia's oldest beach market with crafts activities and trade from near and far. The tour continues to Lundeborg Beach with its long bathing jetty and many beachgoers in the summer. From the coast here, you have a view of Langeland on the opposite side of the water, and in the distance, you can see the Great Belt Bridge. The stretch of water between East Funen and Langeland is not formally named, but is either called Langeland Sound or Lundeborg Belt, depending on which side of the water you live on. It is about eight kilometers from Lundeborg to Lohals on Langeland.

The harbor town of Lundeborg

Right after the beach is Lundeborg fishing harbor, a picturesque and cozy little harbor with fishing boats and older warehouses on the quay- next to the fishing harbor is the marina. Lundeborg Harbor is the gateway to the South Funen Archipelago from the east side, and many pleasure sailors stop by before embarking on the archipelago. Much of the authentic harbor environment is preserved, and there is a cozy atmosphere with eateries, ice cream parlors, and live music on 'Smøgen' in the summer.

Elsehoved Point and the lighthouse

From Lundeborg Harbor, the tour continues along the coast past the church and Præsteskov, until you reach Elsehoved Beach, a small cottage area, and Elsehoved Point. The beach extends two kilometers around Elsehoved Point, but there is only sand on the northern side of the point. At the tip of the point lies Elsehoved Lighthouse, an older round iron tower from 1894. The exterior of the lighthouse has not changed since it was built, so it shows very well what the many smaller lighthouses built in the early 1900s looked like. The point is not very crowded, so you have a good chance of having it all to yourself. From the point, you can paddle further along the coast and the forest all the way to the water. About a kilometer further down the coast, you'll reach Tiselholt Manor and the small red gazebo on the beach.

From here, you can paddle back to Lundeborg.