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Strib Vinterfestival 2025

The association 'God Underholdende Folkemusik' (GUF) - (Good Entertaining Folk Music) - is based in Strib, just outside Middelfart. GUF works to promote folk music and knowledge of folk music.

During the year, GUF organises a large number of concerts, mainly on KulturØen in Middelfart. All concerts are somehow related to folk music in the broadest sense, and they are accessible to everyone. The largest event organised by GUF is Strib Winter Festival, which takes place every year in February.

All events are advertised on the association's website www.guf-strib.dk.
GUF is a member-funded association, and you are always welcome to contact them via their website if you would like a membership, and/or to work with folk music.