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Stacy's Diner - Køge

Stacy's Diner is an authentic 1950s American diner, where every detail is carefully selected to create the right atmosphere. From the retro-inspired ambiance to the delicious greasy burgers and genuine milkshakes, you experience a journey back in time, where even the smallest details are thought out to give you an unforgettable experience of nostalgia and joy.

Stacy's Diner

Stepping inside Stacy's Diner, prepare for a haunt of history you have never experienced. You will find an extremely accomplished pocket of time, every detail meticulously selected to fit into the American diner environment of the 1950's. And you cannot help being impressed. Any problems and new-age technology are forgotten and a look in the mirror reveals you with a standing collar, Brylcreemed hair and a toothpick in the mouth, or you see a girl in petticoat, polka print and a very narrow waist.

It is like waiting for Biff from Back to the Future to open the door for a man-to-man talk with poor George McFly. All while the tunes of Elvis Presley's Hound Dog on the jukebox provide the sound tapestry, or some of the countless other musical evergreens of those days, you will get carried away by the fantastic atmosphere pervading every little nook of the place – yes, you'll feel happy like a fish in water, and no one lifts an eyebrow if you suddenly imagine super cool Danny Zuko and the Australian beauty, exchange student Sandy Olsson, sitting in the next box, giggling and with shy eyes sending love through the air, while James Dean and Marilyn Monroe are jitterbugging to their hearts' content on the chequered linoleum floor.

This is all fictional and yesterday, but when you sit there it feels like fabulous fantasy and it is actually AMAZING. You will rub your eyes just to enjoy the sight of the extremely delicate greasy burgers and the genuine milkshakes served with a smile by the true-to-style waitress. This is big time "teenager in love" and pure luxury to the eye, mind and stomach, and it is an experience that you will late forget. Therefore, dear friend, let go of the daily humdrum and treat yourself, your family and friends to the gift it is to visit Stacy’s and experience how to enjoy 110% of cosiness, happiness and dreams at an all-American 50's diner - it is close to magical!