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Springvand - Klippen & Staven

The rock and the stick Granite and cast iron sculpture by Erik Heide, 1994. Sindal

The Rock and the Staff,(Klippen og staven) Granite and iron water sculpture by Erik Heide, 1994. Sindal
This sculpture represents a modern version of the story of Moses who strikes his staff upon a cliff to bring forth a spring, so the Israelites may drink on their  Exodus from Egypt.

Erik Heide's monumental work. An enormous staff of iron leaning on an impressive granite block. The water flows slowly downwards. Inspired by the biblical story of God who instructed Moses to strike the rock with his staff to get water.

The sculpture an almost three and a half metre high block of granite is the rock upon which the five and a half metre long iron staff rests. Both emphasize that the monumental and mystical in biblical reporting here do not count in human proportions!