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Sport & Academy Hotel

Sport & Academy Hotel in Farsø offers accommodation close to shopping, nature, and attractions in Himmerland.

Sport & Academy Hotel is located at the Dronning Ingrid Halls in Farsø. Here, it is possible for individuals, families, associations, and businesses to stay overnight. The facilities and surroundings make a stay here ideal for an active holiday utilizing the nearby facilities, as well as the area's beautiful nature and exciting experiences.

Sport & Academy Hotel has 30 double rooms, 20 of which can accommodate 4 people. All rooms have a private bathroom, TV, and internet connection. These are bright rooms in a central location in Farsø and Himmerland.

It is only a 10-minute walk to Farsø Rådhuscenter, a covered shopping center with 16 different shops, and on the main street, there are more than 20 different stores.

Farsø is located in the heart of Vesthimmerland, where there is easy access to beautiful nature, whether you prefer forests or water. There are plenty of activities available, whether you enjoy hiking, cycling, golf, horse riding, canoeing, kayaking, and much more. There are also opportunities to see the many attractions and exciting experiences in Himmerland.


Sport & Academy is located at the Dronning Ingrid Halls, which offer the following:

  • Football and athletics stadium
  • Sports and cultural hall
  • Training hall and gymnasium
  • Swimming pool with 25 m pool and children's pool
  • Halls and auditorium
  • 10 meeting and activity rooms
  • Club rooms and exhibition facilities
  • Café and foyer area