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Special exhibition Warrior at Moesgaard Museum

Join us on an intense journey across time and place and gain insight into the artefacts, actions and rituals that make a warrior.

Warrior - A special exhibition

Meet four different warriors:

  • A Roman legionary from around the year 100
  • A Japanese samurai from the 1600s
  • A ritual warrior from the Sepik area of New Guinea in the early 1900s
  • A contemporary Danish soldier

These four warriors have very different backgrounds, but have one condition in common: they must undergo rigorous physical and mental training.

Protected by armour, gods of war and more, the warriors face the confrontation with death - the enemy's or their own.

Practical information

The exhibition has no lower age limit, but as it deals with war and weapons, it can be a violent experience for some children. There are no live images of war, only animated representations.

The exhibition is designed so that the sound of modern warfare can be opted out, as you must actively wear headphones.

Experience the special exhibition Warrior at Moesgaard Museum from Friday 22 March 2024 to autumn 2025.

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