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Solrød Beach

The four miles long coastline at Solrød Beach Park (Solrød Strand) is made up mainly of a wide sandy beaches with dunes perfectly suited for children.

The coast area is of great natural value and offers the best conditions for nature experiences, bathing, and sailing. Solrød Strandpark is partly a preserved area. There is access to the park from Duevej where you also find parking. There is a path suitable for wheel chairs as well as blind people running through the park to the waterline. In the area you find parking - for cars and bicycles, kiosk, toilet facilities, bathing jetty, and picnic area. S-Train to Solrød Strand. Staunings Ø and Jersie Strandpark These are preserved areas. Access from Jersie Strandvej. Staunings Ø (Stauning's island) is a sand bar that forms a landscape of dunes and lyme grass. Further ahead you find lagoons with big rush thickets and a very rich bird life - mostly swans, ducks, and geese. The area offers good opportunities to experience migrating birds and the changes of the seasons, and it also provides ideal bathing facilities. At several points bridges cross the lagoons providing access to Staunings Ø. Jersie Strandpark is a plantation of coniferous trees with scattered areas of deciduous trees and clearings with grass, suitable for relaxation and play. S-Train to Jersie.