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Sneum Digesø near Esbjerg - bird sanctuary

The Wadden Sea is Denmark's most important wetland for migratory and breeding birds. Globally, the Wadden Sea is considered among the most important areas for migratory birds.

In 1992 it was decided that the Darum-Tjæreborg Dike from 1929 should be repaired and reinforced. The clay (fat clay soil) to be used was dug up in the meadows behind the dike.

As a substitute for the lost land values ​​in the foreland, the county decided that the digging of clay behind the dike should end with the creation of a bird-friendly lake. With this, 55 hectares of Allerup Enge were protected and the area is now laid out as a bird sanctuary.

Sneum Digesø is located as the closest neighbor to the Darum-Tjæreborg dike, the Sneum Å outlet and the Wadden Sea. Close by are the cabins at Sneum Sluse. The lake consists of many shallow lots with several islands, many seaweed and coves. The wetland is approx. 20 ha. The lake is fenced to give the birds peace and quiet and with a view to grazing the area.

At the parking lot there are tables and benches and information boards about the area.