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Slagelse Museum

Visit Slagelse Museum and experience the atmosphere of the old Slagelse. Start or end your visit in the old grocery store from the 1940-50s, and let yourself be tempted by the smell of freshly ground coffee and smoked sausages.

H.C Andersen has put his mark on Slagelse and thus also Slagelse Museum. Inside, a whole street has been made to show how Slagelse looked like when H.C. Andersen went to school in the city. Travel on the "cobbled" street. Step inside the houses or stop by the local craftsmen, see the square where the townsmen gathered, and round off your journey in the old grammar school. Here, you will find the original settings from the film Young Andersen. Sit behind the desks and imagine H.C. Andersen being taught Latin and Greek by Mr. Meisling, who he also lived with for a short period of time. You will also find replicas of the kitchen in Meisling’s house and H.C. Andersen’s chamber.

On the second floor you will find a selection of handicrafts, which were otherwise forgotten, and local industries that have helped put Slagelse on the map. Delve into your memories and think of your grandparents or listen to the stories from someone in the older generation.

You can digest your visit in the museum’s café.

The museum continuously shows various exhibitions, and it arranges activities for children in the autumn and winter holidays. On the first Thursday of every month, the museum is open in the evening and hosts the event “Thursday thoughts.”