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Skovsgaard Mill

Discover Skovsgaard Mill heritage site

Skovsgaard Mill is a nature reserve and can be visited during holiday periods.
The mill is part of Skovsgaard Nature Destination, which can provide information about the mill's opening hours.

Fire at the old mill

When the old mill burned down, the official cause of the fire was overheating of the mill, but the miller was convinced that it was arson. The wealthy miller believed he had been the victim of envy, especially after receiving threatening letters.

The former stump mill had also burnt down in 1834, and it is assumed that it was a very small mill, as it was only insured for 400 Reichstalers.

Today´s mill

The replacement for the burnt-down mill was built in 1904 and equipped with an iron gearbox, as was typical for mills of the time. The sieves are mounted on the ceiling above the grinder instead of on a bridge ceiling under the grinder, which is unconventional compared to other mills of this type. The grist therefore had to be transported to the sieves by a lift. The mill was in operation until 1950.

The mill was later restored in 1984 and again in 2003 after a storm in 1999 tore off a wing and caused further damage.

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