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"The Skanse Path"

Entrenchment trail. Go south from Faxe Ladeplads until you reach the the sign towards "St. Elmue". Turn to the left towards "Feddet". After about 1,5 km. you see the sign "Skansestien to the right".

The Redoubt lies a bit outside of the entrenchment trail. In 1807, the English bombarded Copenhagen and took the Danish fleet as war booty. In its place privateers were equipped to, with a little luck, take over English trading vessels. At the same time land owners established fortresses along the coast, among them the Redoubt, from which they could bombard the enemy.

Two Viking burial mounds, called "Troldhøje" (Troll hills) lie in Strandegårds Dyrehave (deer park). Possibly, a relationship with the founder of Normandy, "Rolf from Faxe" (called "Rollo") lies buried behind them. The story is told that at the beginning of the 10th Century, Rollo protracted six ships from the Faxe coast and during the following years, plundered in France. In 911, the French king offered him Normandy, if he would in turn stop plundering and become a Christian. Rollo accepted and became "Wilhelm (Conquerer) of Normandy", ancestral father of the English royal house.