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Segway Langeland

Try a guided tour on Segway - It is fun, it is fantastic and everybody can learn how to ride a Segway. Enjoy the beautiful nature with our guide.
We ride on the small roads, forest paths and beach while we tell you about the history and folklore of
the area.

Take a Segway Sightseeing tour

All classes start with individual instruction to ensure you feel safe and have a great experience.
From here, the tour takes you along the country lanes, gravel roads and tarmac roads of Langeland. The tour is approximately 7 kilometres.
You must be 12 years old to participate in Segway Sightseeing.

Everyone is instructed individually in the use of the Segway before you are set free in the area where you are allowed to challenge yourself and your family or friends. The instructor is present during the entire ride.

Everyone is well entertained and has a fun experience - regardless of age.

We speak both English and German. Everybody from 12 years and up can join our guided tours.