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School kitchen at Tversted School

Skolekøkkenet (The School Kitchen) at the former primary school in Tversted is now open to visitors. Culinary teacher Nicolai is passionate about local produce. Large parts of the menu are built around sourdough bread and herbs, with the idea of creating innovative flavors from sustainable ingredients sourced from local farmers. 

On most Saturdays, freshly baked sourdough bread can be bought from the sales counter at the school. It is possible to have a light breakfast in the café and enjoy a good cup of ‘Højlandskaffe’ (coffee) from Vendia Kaffe. 

At lunchtime, the hatch to the cafeteria is opened, and here one can serve themselves at the counter and eat their food in the café or in the schoolyard, weather permitting. The daily menu is determined by the ingredients provided by the farmer. 

Tversted School is also a perfect destination for cyclists in need of a bakery stop. The school is located right next to the North Sea Trail. Banana bread and a cup of coffee are particularly popular, but there is also freshly made focaccia sandwiches or a salad with greens from the local farmer. Additionally, there's herbs, hemp falafel, and pea puree, accompanied by a cold glass of ‘Vesterhavssquash’. 

See you at the school. Use the main entrance in the schoolyard under the clock. Find opening hours at www.tverstedskole.dk.