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Samsø Bær

Samsø Bær

With an armful of berries and a belly full of sunshine, Samsø Bær (Samsø Berries) makes delicious jams, rapeseed oil, snaps and juices of all the best from Samsø’s fields, trees and shrubs. It’s the flavour of the Samsø summer – simple and straightforward!

Since 2001 Samsø Bær has made products from fruits, berries, nuts and flowers from Samsø’s fields, trees and shrubs. Today the range includes several liqueurs, herbal snaps, jams, a cold pressed rapeseed oil and the popular (ready to drink) juices which you can buy in the island’s shops, restaurants and on the ferries.

Samsø Bær also has its own web shop, so you can easily prolong the taste of summer on Samsø.

Guided tours 2024
May - August: Wednesday at 2PM

Open in shop 2024
Tuesday - Saturday: 11AM - 2PM