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SALEN - Sønderborg Kaserne

Sønderborg's new conference room is an experience out of the ordinary - many hundreds of people can gather here for parties, meetings, concerts, celebrations and good food etc.

SALEN is the former gymnasium at Sønderborg Barracks - which in 2021 has undergone a major renovation. SALEN can now be enjoyed as a ultramodern, new and exclusive conference room with a view over Als Sund.

The ribs on the long side, the ropes from the ceiling and the badminton lines on the floor have been replaced with nice lighting, acoustic panels, a large bar and a large air conditioning system, which ensures the good indoor climate.

MANY FACILITIES & ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES attention has been paid to the details of SALEN's approx. 1000 m2 to give all guests a completely unique experience. With the many facilities, the only limit is the imagination.

TABLES AND CHAIRS for 400+ guests
We provide both set-up, take-down and final cleaning

LARGE PREPARATION KITCHEN with industrial dishwasher, fridge/freezer, stove and oven

LARGE AIR CONDITIONING which ensures a good indoor climate

New microphones, speakers, projector etc.

CURTAINS FOR DARKNESS are controlled via remote control

WEST FACING TERRACE with tables and chairs