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The sailing bike rides

The Sailing Bike Paths
Three sailing routes on board veteran ships, which connect local bicycling routes on Møn and South Zealand

Summer biking on round routes with views
Vordingborg is the Danish municipality with the longest coastline, and the varied beautiful coastal landscape forms an exciting bicycling area. There are four designated routes with road markers, the so-called Panorama bicycling routes on Møn and South Zealand, which invite you to a variety of experiences. There are routes for families with children, training routes for bicyclists and handicap-friendly routes for bicycles. The routes are all marked with the following numbers: 421, 422, 423 and 424.

Combine your bike ride with a cruise on board a Veteran Ship
The sailing bicycle paths are a common connection over Grønsund, between Bøgø and Stubbekøbing, where the IDA Ferry carries between 8,000 and 10,000 bicyclists every year. The Møn Ferry sails in the summertime between Kalvehave and Stege, as well as some evening trips on additional dates. The third veteran at sea is Nyord's mail boat, Røret, which after completion of restoration in 2011, can now sail with up to 12 passengers on board. Røret connects the Panorama Route (424) on Jungshoved with the Panorama Route 422 (Nyord - Stege), or the Panorama Route (423) leading around Stege Nor. In addition, Ida participates in local events on Bogø. Røret and the Møn Ferry sail in the summer on designated Tuesdays, where the town of Stege holds their traditional ‘tirsdagsmarked’, or Tuesday markets, allowing visitors to experience the herring market in Stege, as well as other local events where offers boat tours on the ferries are offered.



Panorama Bicycling Route 421:

Denmark’s Mountain Route, High Møn, 18 km., (+excursion to Klintholm Harbor + 5.5 km.)

Panorama Bicycling Route 422:

Island Hopping Route, Exploring with the family from Stege to Nyord, 29 km.

Panoramic Bicycling Route 423:

The Sweet Ride, Family bike ride around Stege Nor, 21 km./42 km.

Panoramic Bicycling Route 424:

Adventurous Idyll, Around Jungshoved and Præstø, 35 km./17 km.


Check the sailing times before planning your bicycle holiday: