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Royal Gardens - A walk through the King's landscapes

Take a royal stroll around Hillerød's castle lake, where you'll be guided through the historic Baroque garden adorned with royal monograms, and into Frederiksborg Castle Gardens with its charming "wild" nature.

Along the way, you'll pass idyllic spots like the Bath House Castle and the Castle Bridge, with the tour culminating at Hillerød Square with the statue of King Frederik VII.

Here starts the tour

The walk starts from Hillerød Station and from there along Nordre Jernbanegade and out Helsingørsgade to the small C. Wesenberg-Lund alley, which leads directly to Søstien. Follow this path along the lake and into the historic Baroque garden that many associate with Frederiksborg Castle. The area is located in the North Zealand Kings' National Park and is a great starting point for many beautiful walks.

The symmetrical Baroque Garden

In the Baroque Garden, you'll see four royal monograms, one for each of the monarchs who have played a role in the garden's history: Frederik 4th, who laid out the Baroque Garden in the 1720s; Christian 6th and Frederik 5th, during whose reign the garden existed; and Margrethe 2nd, who inaugurated the restored Baroque garden in 1996. And in the upper part of the castle garden lies Café Havehuset, offering the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

"Wild" nature in the Castle Garden

From the Baroque Garden, the tour continues into Frederiksborg Castle Gardens. In contrast to the tightly laid-out Baroque Garden, the "wild" nature reigns in the castle garden, where gravel paths wind up and down through the gently undulating terrain.

Bath House Castle and the Danish National History Museum

The small miniature castle, Bath House Castle, was built in 1580 and is still used by the royal family for hunting lunches. On special occasions, the Bath House Castle is open to the public. Frederiksborg Castle, on the other hand, is always open. The castle houses royal halls and chambers, a castle church, and the Danish National History Museum. At the entrance lies Rababer Farm, whose menu is based on the North Zealand food universe.

King Frederik VII

From the Castle Bridge, turn right onto Søstien, passing Posen, a green area with a playground and toilets. The path continues along the lake shore to Hillerød Square, with the statue of King Frederik VII, and from there, back to the starting point at Hillerød Station.

Tour facts

  • Start: Hillerød Station
  • Length: 6 km
  • Surface: Asphalt, gravel, and cobblestones
  • Suitable for: Children and adults
  • Signage: No
  • Toilets: Hillerød Station, at Café Havehuset, Posen, Hillerød Square
  • Season: All year round
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