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Ringsted Wind Mill

In Ringsted Vindmølle, organic wheat, whole wheat, rye, graham and rye flour is milled, and the windmill is Denmark's only 'gallery Dutch' still in operation.

Ringsted Vindmølle - Denmark's only 'gallery Dutch' - is still in operation

Ringsted Vindmølle started its existence in Ådalen by Have Mølle, but was moved to Køgevej in 1814.

In 1871, the mill farm burned down, the fire spread to the mill, and both buildings burned down. Both the mill yard and the mill were rebuilt, but with a little distance, so that it would not happen again. So the current mill was built immediately after the fire in 1871.

Many different millers have operated Ringsted Windmill. The best known was probably the Gemynthe family, in whose possession it was for approx. 75 years.

The mill ceased operations in 1965. In 1983, the company PBI Holding A/S took over the windmill and had it thoroughly renovated, both inside and out. From 1985, the blades turned again, and today the mill is Denmark's only Dutch gallery still in operation.

Morten 'Møller' grinds organic wheat, whole wheat, rye, graham and rye flour, which is sold directly from the mill or in the museum shop.

Today, the mill is owned by Ringsted Windmill Foundation, which in 1993 entered into a collaboration with Ringsted Landbrugsmuseum.

Ringsted Landbrugsmuseum is now part of Museum Vestsjælland.