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Ringsted Radio Museum

Ringsted Radio Museum is an experience

Ringsted Radiomuseum in St. Hansgade 34 has a unique collection from the past 100 years of radios, phonographs, televisions, gramophones and tape recorders.

You should ally yourself with one of the enthusiastic tour guides, who talk about and demonstrate a large number of unique devices that give an insight into the long development and the many Danish inventions in this field.

Many of the museum's devices have been loaned to Danish films and TV series such as Krøniken, Flammen & Citronen, Hvidsten Gruppen, Spies & Glistrup, Badehotellet and Mercur. And then the museum has a special collection of devices associated with the Danish royal house. If you look at radio history, Denmark has been one of the great countries with many significant achievements and a very large number of small and large factories that manufactured radios, gramophones, tape recorders, televisions, measuring instruments and other electronics.