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A Horseback ride in the Plantations around Holstebro

There are plenty of good riding routes in the plantations around Holstebro town. Start your ride from the parking spaces on the map, eg. from Holstebro Sports Riding Club through Østre Plantage, where there are three marked riding trails. Cross Viborgvej via the riding tunnel under the road. From the Eastern Plantation, follow the paved path towards Parkvej and then along the dirt road past Mellemtoft to Tvis Møllevej. Continue past Tvis Kloster and Tvis Mølle and continue along Tingagervej.

There are plenty of opportunities to go riding in the plantations around Holstebro.

You can start your trip from one of the car parks marked on the map. If you start from Holstebro Rideklub (Holstebro Riding Club), continue through Østre Plantage (Østre Plantation) where there are three marked bridleways. Cross Viborgvej using the tunnel under the road.

From Østre Plantage, follow the tarmacked path to Parkvej and ride down the gravel track past Mellemtoft and then on to Tvis Møllevej.

Continue past Tvis Mølle (Tvis Monastery) and Tvis Mølle (Tvis Mill) and follow Tingagervej. From Mejdal you can ride back to Østre Plantage and the riding centre through Folkeparken (People’s Park) near TV-MIDT/VEST or continue down the other track through Søndre Plantage (Søndre Plantation) and Nybohøje Plantage (Nybohøje Plantation) to Vestre Plantages (Vestre Plantation’s) many paths.

PLEASE NOTICE! When crossing the bridge at Vandkraftsøen (Power Station Lake) you may have to dismount and lead your horse. At times the roads you need to cross may be busy. Crossing them is dangerous but necessary. The rest of the route is problem-free and well worth it. Also advise that sometimes Vestre Plantage is used by the military. Doing this time some parts of the plantation is therefore closed to public.