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Restaurant domæne

Restaurant domæne received its first Michelin star in June 2023. Book a table and look forward to a unique taste experience.

Surrounded by grass and trees is the hemispherical building that houses the 'Restaurant domain'. Built in raw, sustainable wood and with windows in several levels. A spiral staircase connects the restaurant on the ground floor with the smaller, floating first floor, which is furnished as a lounge. It is indisputable that the dome is a very special building, suitable for a special experience. Because that's what this's about. A dining experience. A holistic experience.

When you step inside the dome, you will experience an elegant and sophisticated universe with a focus on taste and quality. The concept is two large menus serving small, elegant dishes prepared by hand-picked chefs from Michelin restaurants. Sublime taste in a modern, Nordic, aesthetic universe. Good ingredients and good craftsmanship are in focus, but with room for both humor and personality, so you as a guest can relax and enjoy the whole. Our sommelier is also responsible for the same experience when a wine- or alcohol-free menu is to be enjoyed with the food, or you want to choose the wine from our exquisite wine list, which focuses on the overall experience.

The two all-night experiences you can choose from are 'Our domain' and 'Our foundation': 'Our domain' consists of approx. 16 dishes that together give the full impression of the kitchen's abilities. Luxurious ingredients handled with respect and confidence. Timeless taste in elegant interpretation with the touch of the season. The dishes are created with a taste intensity that is true to the ingredients they are created from and that in addition to being tasty also has a beauty that is ingested with the eye.

‘Our foundation’ consists of approx. 8 dishes, which provide a comprehensive insight into the kitchen's style, which is based on a solid foundation of traditional flavors and takes them into modern Danish cuisine. The most important raw materials come from the Jutland soil and the Danish waters. A balanced composition of the most stylish servings from 'Our domain'.

Restaurant domæne is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as well as in connection with events in Herning and MCH