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A real Viking experience for the whole family in the Glavendrup Grove

In the footsteps of the Vikings - Drive to the Glavendrup grove in the heart of Nordfyn and embark on an excursion in an area with exciting history and beautiful nature!

  • Bring your water bottles and some fruit juice, and buy apples at one of the local roadside stands! Remember practical shoes
  • Pack your Kubb Viking game and other outdoor games
  • Start your trip up the beautiful avenue.

You start your trip at the avenue leading to the Glavendrup grove, and here you will also experience the nature adventure of Harald and the great runestone - the app with the children's adventure is free and you can find it on the Nature Tales page at visitnordfyn.com. The adventure takes you through the memorial park with its great history.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the remarkable Viking burial site, famous for its impressive stone ship, which offers a fascinating insight into Denmark's Viking heritage. Here, the family can explore the old stone ship and the Glavendrup stone with Denmark's longest runic inscription, which stands as a testament to the Vikings' life and culture.

On the Glavendrup stone it says (in modern translation): "Ragnhild placed this stone for Alle Silvern, the priest and the honorable thegn (chief). His sons made these signs after their father and his wife after her husband, but Sote carved these runes after her lord. Thor hallow these runes. For ræte (fiend) it shall be, that, who removes this stone and sets it as a memorial over another."

The children can see how fast they can run around the large stones, shaped like a ship, and tell stories from a bygone era.

Time for a picnic

Not far from the burial site, there is a lovely green area with a bench where you can enjoy the cold fruit juice and the snacks you brought. Here, the family can relax and enjoy the tranquility of nature while you eat. After the break, it's time to dive into the Viking age with various games. Bring out the Viking game Kubb or do fun and challenging activities like the Vikings - such as throwing sticks or see how fast you can run.

Finally, the forest at the Glavendrup grove offers a little adventure in itself. You can explore the greenery, explore the forest paths, and look for creepy-crawlies. Here, there are both good stories and beautiful nature!

Practical info:


Parking at Glavendrup, Stenager 12, Skamby


There is a toilet right next to the parking lot. The toilet is open from week 13 to week 42.