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The spring is located northwest of Rebild Bakker.

Ravnkilden is a swamp spring where a large slope in the hillside forms the outer frame of this beautiful, distinctive spring. The bottom is covered by a swampy area, where the water emerges and then gradually converges in tiny streams. The streams run together into a significant stream that flows towards the river, Lindenborg Å. The yield is approximately 85 litres per second.

The spring is unusually beautiful with surrounding sides being wooded. Ravnkilden also contains rarities within the plant world. You can find rare species of moss, and in the spring, the cold-loving sorrel grows. In addition, ypu may find golden saxifrage, creeping spearwort, water mint, watercress, cutleaf water parsnip, and willowherb growing in and around the spring.

In November and December, large sea trout can swim into the spring pond to spawn, and some swim across the gravel road using the ford to get all the way into the spring where they spawn their eggs.