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Rakkerpak Cider - local cider

Rakkerpak Cider - Die kleine Ciderei auf der Halbinsel Salling, genau in der Mitte des Limfjords.

Rakkerpak Cider

Rakkerpak Cider is a small local cidery located in Rødding - the Apple town of Salling. The goal is to spread awareness of locally produced cider, where sustainability and craftsmanship come together to create a delightful drinking experience. We believe that cider is an exciting alternative to other alcoholic beverages. Additionally, we emphasize craftsmanship and cultivate many flavor variations - from lighter champagne styles to richer and more complex tastes - all based on apples.

Danish fruit is excellent for making cider without artificial additives, and therefore Rakkerpak Cider has chosen to work simply with the same principles as natural wine production - that is: no sulfur, no artificial yeast - yes, we let nature work with us.

In addition to focusing on good taste, we naturally work with local ingredients and have a strong focus on sustainability. The cider is developed using various methods and flavor experiences, thus giving Nordic cider a new and different image - a Rakkerpak image.

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You can read more about Rakkerpak Cider on their website: Rakkerpak Cider (In Danish)