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Provstgaards Jagthus

Provstgaards Jagthus is the perfect stop, whether you are on a walk, bike or drive in West Jutland. At the museum you will get an insight into what life was like, at the beginning of the 20th century.

Provstgaards Jagthus is beautifully located by the River Skjern and Pumping Station North.

The small house was built in 1922 by brothers Niels Provstgaard and Søren Kristian Jensen, Ringkøbing Fjord Museer bought the house in 1993. The two brothers lived off the nature around them, selling fish and hunting otters - the house bears witness to them and their way of life. Niels Provstgaard, who was a carpenter, built things when the brothers needed them, such as the display cabinets for his beautiful bird collection. The brothers were pioneers in many ways and were among the first in the area to have a telephone, radio and motorboat.

The house underwent a major renovation in 2018 and is now ready to welcome guests in the cosy old living rooms.

Close to Provstgaard Jagthus there are migratory ferries and the area is rich in bird and animal life.

Visiting Provstgaard Jagthus is free of charge.

Part of Ringkøbing Fjord Museums

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