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Pincho Nation Odense

Enjoy colourful cocktails and tapas dishes from a menu that is a gastronomic selection from all over the world. Drop by for a cosy date, a night out with girlfriends, a colleague get-together or a classic evening to see how far you can go with the menu.

The menu
Is filled with small dishes that can take your taste buds on a journey through amazing flavours, exotic trends and classic tapas-sized dishes. All our dishes are given an extra twist, so you get an experience in every bite. We call it extra Pincholicious! At Pincho Nation, everyone can find something they like, whether you're a vegetarian, meat lover, allergic to fish or on a strict chocolate diet.

On the menu you'll find a juicy burger, crispy dumplings and a creamy risotto - and you can easily fit all three dishes in one sitting. Maybe even with one of our French fries flavours? And who says you can't order another round? For example, a creamy pasta, a plank steak straight from the grill or that delicious seafood dish you just saw on the neighbouring table. Our dishes are small and we recommend grabbing 5-6 dishes per person. (But who's counting?!) Of course, you're also welcome to satisfy your hunger with a couple of dishes and a drink.

Pincho Nation is pretty crazy about all types of cocktails. The best part is seeing a whole parade of drinks lined up on the bar in all colours and topped with fresh fruit and sweets. Yes, that's right. They have drinks that taste like your favourite candy - now that's a win-win. While you're socialising with friends at the table, our bartender mixes and shakes something sweet, sour, fresh and sophisticated