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Parking Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport offers parking around the clock. You can choose between 3 types of parking: Budget, Standard and Direct. The closer you want to park to the terminals, the more expensive it is.

Budget is the cheapest solution, but the parking lots are also the furthest away from the airport. Prices vary according to season.

1 hour:
High season: DKK 30
Low season: DKK 25

Per day:
High season: DKK 120
Low season: DKK 100

Per week:
High season: DKK 500
Low season: DKK 400

1 hour: DKK 35
Per day: DKK 200
Per week: DKK 1000


Direct is the most expensive solution. In contrast, parking is near the terminals and you park indoors.

1 hour: DKK 45
Per day: DKK 300
Per week: DKK 1800

It is allowed at all the parking lots to park free for 15 minutes.